Digital New Tricks

When the Publishing for New Media course began working on the 2013 edition of New Tricks, I once again welcomed the task of developing new skills.  This time, I took the document created for the physical copy of New Tricks and adapted it to formats compatible with Kindles and other e-reader devices.  Adobe InDesign makes exporting documents to the .epub format very easy, but simply exporting the file results in a less than ideal aesthetic.  The real work in this project was from taking the document for the physical document which was the product of a classmate's design strategies and adapt it to fit my own methods.  The result was a digital version of New Tricks that looked almost the same as the physical copy that could be viewed on any size of e-reader.  The links below lead to downloads for generic e-readers and the Kindle version.


These images show the cover, a submitted image, and a submitted poem as they appear in the PC version of the Kindle app.  The pages should appear the same in windows of different sizes as well.